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While conducting fodder seed demonstration and training/farmers fares, the questions related to package of practises for the cultivation of crops are asked by the farmers. The handbills for each crops are supplied to the farmers for readymade information against their questions. However, the scientists from SAUs/ICAR Institutes are also called during aforesaid programme for interacting with the farmers. Some of such FAQs are as under:-

Q 1. Why the new fodder seed variety should be accepted in place of existing one ?
Ans. - Because these varieties perform better in respect of fodder/fodder seed production . The palatability and nutrional value are also good.

Q 2. Where is the fodder seed available ?
Ans: - This Station is multiplying the fodder seed and supplying to the farmers as well as state agencies. However, the whole demand of the region can not be met out by this Station. The other agencies like NSC, SFCI, SAUs etc. are also supplying the fodder seed from where the seed can be procured.
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