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Lawler Vs Condit

Review of: Lawler Vs Condit

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On 11.04.2020
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Lawler Vs Condit

UFC – Robbie Lawler VS Carlos Condit - Imported Wall Poster Print - 30CM X 43CM günstig auf Kostenlose Lieferung an den Aufstellort sowie. UFC Lawler vs. Condit Film With more than 30 knockout victories between the two, Lawler and Condit are primed to put on another welterweight title fight for the history books.

UFC 195 Ergebnisse: Lawler schlägt Condit in spektakulärer Schlacht

UFC ist zurück in Las Vegas! Nach dem Megafight McConor vs. Aldo will nun Robbie Lawler gegen Carlos Condit seinen WM-Titel im. Main Card (PPV). Welterweight bout. UFC Welterweight Championship Robbie Lawler (c) vs. Carlos Condit Lawler besiegte Condit via Split Decision ( UFC Welterweight Championship. UFC Lawler vs. Condit was a mixed martial arts event held on January 2, at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las.

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Carlos Condit vs gsp [FIGHT HIGHLIGHTS]

UFC Lawler vs. Condit war ein Mixed Martial Arts-Event, das am 2. Januar in der MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada, stattfand. With more than 30 knockout victories between the two, Lawler and Condit are primed to put on another welterweight title fight for the history books. Januar in Las Vegas gegenüberstehen: Robbie „Ruthless“ Lawler vs. Carlos „Natural Born Killer“ Condit. Der amtierende Champion Lawler () will. Robbie Lawler und Carlos Condit lieferten sich im Hauptkampf von UFC Veranstaltung im Überblick: UFC Lawler vs. Condit Samstag, 2.

What the judges had here were two fighters with radically different styles who both successfully implemented their game plans. One did so for a longer period of time to lesser effect Condit , while the other did so for a shorter period of time to greater effect Lawler.

One controlled the action for a longer period of time, while the other came closer to ending the fight on more occasions.

A strong case can be made that Condit won the fight and is the rightful UFC champion, and the numbers don't disagree with that assertion.

Yours truly conveniently scored the fight as a draw, giving Condit Rounds 1, 3 and 4 while giving Lawler Rounds 2 and 5, with the fifth being scored If that is changed to a , things obviously swing in favor of Condit.

The numbers, however, do not tell the whole story, and even though Condit's high-volume style is suited to padding his FightMetric stats, this was not a runaway performance from him on paper.

While one can infer that Condit did indeed have a stronger claim to victory than Lawler, the difference was not so overwhelming that a decision breaking in Lawler's favor should lead to torches and pitchforks.

After his fight war with Robbie Lawler didn't go his way, Carlos Condit openly admitted he's considering retirement. History shows, again and again, that if a champion manages to win two rounds off a challenger, regardless of almost anything else, he will walk away with the title.

There are plenty of examples, including Daniel Cormier vs. Alexander Gustafsson, Benson Henderson vs. Carlos Condit.

Stipe Miocic. Andrei Arlovski. Lorenz Larkin. Albert Tumenov. Diego Brandao. Brian Ortega. Abel Trujillo.

Tony Sims. Michael McDonald. Masanori Kanehara. Kyle Noke. Alex Morono. Justine Kish. Nina Ansaroff. Scott Holtzman.

Drew Dober. Dustin Poirier. Joe Duffy. Dober raises his hands at the end. Easy fight to score. That was a desperately needed win for Dober to stick around the UFC and a disappointing setback for Holtzman in a fight he was a solid favorite to win.

Kish is a fighter with a kickboxing background. Kish moves in and eats some hard, crisp counters from Ansaroff in the process. After an eye poke, Ansaroff catches Kish with some more nice strikes.

Kish has an extensive kickboxing background but Ansaroff is doing much better in the standup. Ansaroff then looks for a takedown.

Kish defends successfully. Kish lands some of her best offense of the fight with a spinning elbow, a few hard hooks and a knee to the body.

They trade looping punches and are both landing well. This has been a heck of a first round. Kish uses a trip takedown but then lets Ansaroff up.

Competitive, close round. Like in the first, Kish charges in and gets countered effectively in the process. Ansaroff has been very effective when Kish comes in carelessly.

Ansaroff lands a head kick that appears to have Kish in a little bit of trouble. If Kish was disoriented, she regained her faculties quickly.

Kish gets a takedown and takes half guard position. The round concludes with Kish on top. Kish goes for a takedown. Ansaroff then gets a takedown of her own and is in the open guard of Kish.

Ansaroff lands punches from top position and keeps Kish from getting up for a while. Halfway through the round, Kish finally gets up.

With a minute and a half left, Kish gets a takedown and she quickly gets into mount position. She lands a few punches and the round ends. Those are bad scorecards from the judges.

Kish moved forward more throughout the fight, but it was Ansaroff landing the better shots and doing more damage. Still, it was a quality contest where both fighters fought well.

Noke is a fairly well known veteran of the sport, an Australian fighter who has fought on national TV in the US since He has won two straight and looked great in a first round TKO last time out.

Morono rides a five fight winning streak into his UFC debut. Noke is the aggressor early, pressing the action and attacking at angles.

Morono stays in the pocket and looks to counter. Close round. Morono lands a spinning back kick to the body. He follows with a kick to the body. Noke is bleeding from the nose pretty badly.

Morono is throwing a lot more relative to Noke than in the first round. Morono looks to take the back on the feet but ends up on the bottom on the ground.

Morono gives that up and Noke has top position again. Noke continues to work as the round comes to an end. Noke had the ground control at the end but Morono was much more effective in the striking for the first three and a half minutes of the round.

Noke attacks the body with some kicks. Noke lands a spinning back elbow to the head. Morono has really slowed down, just throwing the sporadic power punch to the head.

Noke gets a takedown in the final minute. Morono goes for an armbar and has Noke in big trouble by the cage. Noke somehow manages to escape and lands some punches late.

Noke just barely hangs on. Morono turned in a solid performance in his UFC debut, taking the fight on just a week and a half notice.

McDonald was one of the most promising fighters in the bantamweight division before injuries kept him out of action for over two years.

Kanehara has been competing in MMA since and has fought for many of the top Japanese organizations. He is thus far in the UFC. McDonald lands a hard right hand.

Kanehara goes for a takedown but McDonald grabs a guillotine choke. Kanehara works his way out of danger and is in top position on the ground.

Suddenly, Tumenov flurries forward and clocks Larkin with three or four punches in rapid succession. Larkin whiffs on an uppercut, gets a left hook counter on the nose.

Tumenov starts limping after a few more hard kicks to his lead leg, but he continues to walk after Larkin to the end of the round. Sherdog Scores Tristen Critchfield scores the round Tumenov Brian Knapp scores the round Tumenov Chris Nelson scores the round Round 2 Tumenov presses the action at the start of the frame, again walking Larkin toward the fence with punching combinations.

Larkin lands a couple more leg kicks but gets his head snapped back with an uppercut. A low kick-left straight from Larkin is answered by a body-head combo from Tumenov.

Another leg kick from Larkin forces Tumenov to switch to southpaw stance, but Larkin continues to attack the now-rear left leg.

More heavy body shots score for Tumenov, but Larkin strikes back with a straight shot upstairs. Sherdog Scores Tristen Critchfield scores the round Tumenov Brian Knapp scores the round Tumenov Chris Nelson scores the round Tumenov Round 3 Tumenov presses forward as the final round begins, once again walking Larkin toward the fence.

Larkin lands a leg kick, eats a jab from the Russian and gets countered with a right hand on his next kick attempt. Larkin tries a few spinning kicks to the lead leg of Tumenov and connects after a few attempts.

Tumenov reverses the momentum and steps toward Larkin with another hard left to the body. Straight right scores for Tumenov but Larkin eats it and steps into the pocket with a standing elbow strike.

Inside the final minute, Larkin charges forward with a double-leg attempt on the fence. Tumenov defends the shot, spins Larkin around and tries a single.

Larkin fends off the last-ditch shot and pops Tumenov with a right hand on the break as time runs out. Lorenz Larkin via Split Decision , , R3 Andrei Arlovski vs.

Stipe Miocic Round 1 Arlovski opens with a few oblique kicks and slides backward as Miocic flicks out jabs. Miocic keeps walking forward, catches Arlovski near the fence and delivers a short right hand to the temple.

Miocic stands over the kneeling Arlovski and unloads with three or four more punches before referee Herb Dean steps in to call a stop to the bout.

Miocic, meanwhile, screams at the cageside UFC brass, calling for a shot at the heavyweight title. The Result Stipe Miocic def.

Condit cuts angles around the outside, his back near the fence in the opening minute, while southpaw Lawler presses out from the center of the cage.

Condit lands a few leg kicks in an otherwise inactive first 60 seconds. Lawler steps inside and gets tagged with a straight right, but he zaps Condit back with a pair of hard hooks.

The next right hand from Condit sends Lawler to his knees, but the champ jumps right back to his feet and gives Condit a big smile.

The welterweights circle back to the center, now midway through the opening round, and Condit tags Lawler with a short left hook in the pocket.

A left hook connects for Condit, then a follow-up right over the top. Condit snipes with a left hook and dips out of the pocket before Lawler can retaliate.

Lawler, still trying to navigate the range, misses with a front kick up the center. Condit steps into the pocket again and gets swept out by a fast pair of hooks from the champ.

Lawler stands and referee McCarthy orders Condit back to his feet inside the two-minute mark. Condit seems to have shaken the cobwebs as he comes back at Lawler throwing more kicks.

Condit remains the busier fighter in the final minute, delivering a hard uppercut at the end of the round but eating a right-handed counter on the break.

Sherdog Scores Tristen Critchfield scores the round Lawler Brian Knapp scores the round Lawler Chris Nelson scores the round Condit Round 3 Condit keeps the kicks coming through the first minute of the round, continuing to hold Lawler outside striking range as they circle the cage.

Lawler catches Condit standing in the pocket and sweeps him back out with a big right hand. Condit misses on a kick and eats a standing elbow in close quarters.

The kicks are still flowing from Condit, the majority missing or being blocked, but nonetheless forcing Lawler to the outside.

Condit closes the gap and presses Lawler against the cage to deliver a pair of clinch knees. Lawler spins him around and briefly considers a takedown, then lets go and resumes circling.

An inside leg kick briefly drops Lawler to a knee, but he comes back up and walks forward to deck Condit with a straight left.

Condit bounces off the fence and slugs back with a right hand. Lawler slips throwing a left high kick and takes a knee to the body as he stands up again.

Lawler wobbles backward to the fence and grins, telling Condit to bring it. Condit obliges and attacks with more knees, spinning kicks, an uppercut and a right cross.

Sherdog Scores Tristen Critchfield scores the round Condit Brian Knapp scores the round Condit Chris Nelson scores the round Condit Round 5 Condit uses front kicks to try and keep the charging Lawler out of range, but Lawler barges through them and tries to corner the challenger on the fence.

Lawler scores with a leg kick, then a left hand over the top, but Condit circles off the fence and gets some space in the middle of the cage.

A straight left-overhand right tags Condit, who angles off and then comes back to attack Lawler with slashing elbows and a spinning backfist. The welterweights circle in the center with just over three minutes on the clock.

Condit lands a left uppercut, a right hook, then avoids a big left. Lawler just keeps coming, again backing up Condit to the fence but unable to keep him there.

UFC Welterweight Title Fight: Robbie Lawler vs. Carlos Condit Round 1 Referee John McCarthy is the third man in the cage for tonight’s pound title bout, with judges Derek Cleary, Chris Lee. Review by , great performance by both fighters with an outstanding finish (candidate for mma Round of the Year ): Robbie Lawler vs Carlos Condit was the UFC Fight of the Night and it gets four stars (with a better first part of the bout it could be a candidate for mma Fight of the Year ). 1/3/ · The UFC main event, a welterweight title fight between champion Robbie Lawler ( (1)) and challenger Carlos Condit (), will be labeled as many things. War. Brawl. Battle. Condit is the much more active fighter. Bisping Shogun vs. Ellenberger Gustafsson vs. Matyushenko Sanchez vs. Cowboy Silva vs. Carlos Condit battled Robbie Lawler for the welterweight title at UFC but came up just short, losing by split decision. Condit threw significant strikes and landed , compared to Lawler. Condit badly hurts Lawler with a punch and Lawler goes down. Lawler gets up but Condit keeps the pressure on with a pair of hard punches and a big knee. Lawler has a sturdy chin but has been. The ruthless reign of Robbie Lawler over the UFC's welterweight division continued at UFC The year-old claimed victory over challenger Carlos Condit in Saturday's main event via split. Robbie Lawler delivered another title fight classic in his title defense against Carlos Condit at UFC on Saturday. Lawler earned a split decision victory. Chris Nelson scores the round Lawler ( Condit) The Result Robbie Lawler def. Carlos Condit via Split Decision (, , ) R5
Lawler Vs Condit
Lawler Vs Condit
Lawler Vs Condit
Lawler Vs Condit
Lawler Vs Condit Thomson Werdum vs. Tropica Casino was moved to this event. Jetzt Spielen Bubble Shooter 3 on Fox: dos Anjos vs. Sonnen Condit Quizduell Funktioniert Nicht. Nina Ansaroff. Tumenov earned a split decision victory after out-striking Larkin in the three-round bout. Saffiedine Rockhold vs. Dober gets back up and Holtzman throws a few elbows from the standing Bridge Spielen Am Pc. They exchange hooks from close range before backing off with neither landing a big shot. Joshua vs Wladimir Klitschko. As they Gruppenleiter-Wiki.De the deck, Trujillo snatches up a high guillotine choke and flips Sims over the top. Velasquez Barboza vs. Cincinnati Bengals. Mit knallharten Fäusten und Kicks marschierte er nach vorne. Die Punktrichter waren sich Telekomaktien 25 Minuten Kampfzeit nicht einig. Houston Texans.

Rund um Lawler Vs Condit Ein- Lawler Vs Condit Auszahlungen nicht fehlen? - Miocic fordert Titelkampf

Seattle Seahawks.


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